Chicago 2012

Today we are leaving for Chicago. We will be visiting Payton School. From hot to cold weather !!! Here we go!


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  1. Andy Pelliccia dice:

    Good luck! And enjoy!!

  2. English Dept MyS dice:

    Here at Payton
    We arrived at school early in the morning, 7.15 am , had breakfast and started off our school day!! I have watched so far 4 lessons. The drama room is amazing!!!!
    Our students have visited the Greenhouse and the planetary! Awesome!!!
    Today is a snowy day.

  3. English Dept MyS dice:

    Yesterday we had a welcome party! We introduced ourselves and celebrated Sofi ‘s and my birthday! Sofi baked cookies for the first time in her life! Delicious

  4. Preceptores dice:

    We are happy to read the good news! We wish you a very good experience! ENJOY!!! 😀
    See You Soon!
    Los Preceps!!

  5. Andy Pelliccia dice:

    Right!! Happy birthday Gla!

    The video conference was great, thanks for your time being so busy these days.


  6. Maria Clara Garcia Huidobro dice:

    Gladys y Patricia! Las felicito por los programas que les armaron a los chicos!pero, please, suban mas cosas y fotos de lo que ESTAN haciendo!

    Kisses! And enjoy! Clara

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