BDS Project

The BDS graduate

Standards in Senior school are monitored by the increasing closeness to the world of university courses and careers, and the labour and social challenges a young adult is about to face. Intellectual maturity allows work of great sophistication and specialisation to be undertaken, and the benefits of disciplined work habits acquired in earlier years, permit a more flexible and individual approach to study.

Towards the end of S4, with the assistance of tutors and advisors, students choose the orientation for their Baccalaureate. In the belief that plurality is in itself enriching, Belgrano Day School offers three specializations: Sciences, Arts and Languages, and Social Studies.

As the natural outcome of many years in a bilingual English environment, students have the possibility to sit for the University of Cambridge International Examinations, IGCSE, AICE , AS, and A Levels. Excellent results are achieved in these pre-university nationally and internationally recognized tests. Students may also obtain the American High School Diploma by taking online, extracurricular courses.

A number of agreements with national and international universities and institutes facilitate admission of students who successfully finish their senior studies at Belgrano Day School. These opportunities, the career orientation process, interaction with graduates of various professions and the presentation of the academic offer made by different local universities stimulate S6 students. There is also a work experience programme implemented which includes an actual one or two week stay at a national or multinational company akin to their interests, which enriches the future graduate’s CV, trains him or her in the critical reading of job advertisements, the writing of their curriculum vitae and application letters, prepares them to face their first interview and other related matters.

This vast humanistic education would not be well rounded up without the social component of solidarity. With the explicit consent of their parents, students in S5 and S6 involve themselves in social work at hospitals, children’s homes, shanty towns, addiction-recovery centres, etc., always accompanied and guided by a support team of tutors and advisors.

In this way, the Belgrano Day School student finishes his or her senior education as an autonomous, bilingual, creative and responsible person, aware of the demands and possibilities of his or her singularity, displaying strong convictions, firm values, habits and skills that facilitate access to higher studies in Argentina or abroad, as well as a rich and productive social life in any part of the world where they may eventually decide to forge their destiny.