ESSARP Creative Writing Competition: cuatro premios. Y más noticias…

30 Aug 2012 | Clau
30 Aug 2012 | Clau

Nos es grato anunciar que cuatro alumnos del BDS han sido premiados en esta competencia anual intercolegial de escritura creativa en inglés. Se trata de:

1st Prize, Senior Category: Sofía Brisson (S5S)

Honourbale Mentions 
Junior Category: María Cabella (M1C)
Intermediate Category: Manuel Alcalá (S4A)
Senior Category: Tomás Bréard-Anderson (S5L)

Felicitaciones a los alumnos y a sus docentes.

More English News

Coordinator Gladys Lesmi Dallas (M&S) reports: “On August 12th Manuel Irarrazaval, Nicolás Rainuzzo and Nicolás Lozano debated the motion: THB that social injustice justifies violent actions. They were the oppsition and lost in a very tight debate against Tarbut”.

Last but not least, again from Gladys (this time with Mónica Bruck, Humanities Dept. Coordinator):

We proudly annonce that we are having the General Knowledge Competition back at BDS for Middle School!!!! The event will take place next Tuesday 4 September (M1 &M2) at 2.30pm and on Thursday 6 September (M3), at 2.30 as well.Teachers who are in charge of the gropus will help in the development of the activities.

Thanks for your support!

Mónica & Gladys


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