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22 May 2013 | Clau
22 May 2013 | Clau

Este año, los cursos de P6 participan de una fantástica experiencia online en inglés, con colegios de Canadá y el Reino Unido, que articula la lectoescritura y la exploración de nuevos medios con el principio del “internacionalismo de alcance global” que preconiza el BDS.

Para que los mayores no desesperemos, cabe aclarar que “quadblogging” no es más que un blog llevado entre cuatro (en este caso, 4 colegios de distintas partes del mundo), de manera tal de asegurar la participación rotativa y continuada de sus cuatro miembros, tanto en la escritura de posts (entradas), como en la lectura y producción de comentarios sobre los posts de los demás. De manera complementaria, hace unos días  nuestros alumnos sostuvieron una videoconferencia con otro de los colegios participantes (Holy Cross, de Canadá), de modo tal que el intercambio fue también oral.

Se puede visitar el blog de nuestros alumnos en el Aula Virtual del BDS:

Y aquí va el informe de las docentes / Here’s the teachers’ report:

“This year P6 faced a new challenge: going globalized with our blogging project! How was this done? BDS became a member of a group of school bloggers from different countries overseas that got together in a project called Quadblogging ( At the moment, we are exchanging posts and comments with three other schools: St. Marks from UK, Worsbrough Common (also, from UK), and Holy Cross from Canada. We even Skyped with Holy Cross on Monday 6th celebrating Music Mondaya global event connecting classrooms around the globe with the International Space Ship (ISS) in orbit.
Here are the words from Holy Cross, one of our blogging partners:
‘May 6, 2013 – Students from Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School teacher Ginette Toivonen’s grade 4/5 FI class have taken Music Monday global! The Holy Cross class has been blogging with students from Buenos Aires, Argentina over the last few months and on Monday, May 8th they sang along with them via Skype. The song “Is Somebody Singing” collaboratively written by Ed Robertson and Chris Hadfield is being shared with the world in hopes of uniting everyone through their love of music. Students in both countries feel very strongly about the importance of music education in their schools. Music Monday is an annual event that brings together thousands of students, musicians, parents and community members across the country (Canada), to celebrate the gift of music in our lives, on the same day at the same time’.

We had the wonderful opportunity of being part of this event, listening live to Chris Hadfield, one of the astronauts in the ISS, answering questions on what life is like in the International Space Ship. Representatives from all three P6s took part; actually nobody wanted to miss it! We continue exchanging ideas in the blog, of course.

Teachers María Laura Bargas, Gabriela Baro, Sandra Secchini & Alina Tomino (P6)

The pictures were taken in María Laura Bargas’ P6, while blogging with tablets. More pictures about the Music Monday event here“.

Completan la ilustración de esta entrada dos capturas de pantalla del blog de P6, tomadas del Aula Virtual.

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  • It was amazing in every way !!!

  • One of the teachers said “we are thining the walls of the classroom”. Indeed we are!

  • Blogging intertationally and celebrating Music Monday proved to be a fruitful experience to us!
    We enjoyed sining with our Quadblogging friends in Canada. The song ISS (Is Somebody Singing) helped us learn how important Music is in Education and in life!

  • Delfi Larghi

    It was very funny and entrusting to do the activity I enjoy it a lot.

  • It seemed to be funny I was on vacations so I coudnt do it! I only posted and coment!

  • Que orgullo! muy lindo todo! un beso!!!!!

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